13 04, 2019

How soon will we have drone deliveries ?

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How soon will we have drone deliveries ? When you mentioned drones, one of the subjects that always come up is the possibility of drone deliveries and how realistic are they. It’s fun to imagine that a drone will drop your Friday night pizza to your doorstep but will it ever happen? In fact, the science-fictionesque sight of the sky buzzing with package carrying drones might become reality sooner than you think with large organisations such as Amazon and Alphabet (Google’s parent company) investing some serious resources into bringing the idea [...]

13 05, 2016

Our Biggest Social Media Campaign

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Kevin Watson of Drone Safe Register says, “Facebook is proving to be a powerful tool allowing us to promote our member’s professional drone services geographically on a local level to the businesses they serve. Paid social network advertising placed by DSR is delivering solid results for our members. That’s why we have decided to launch our biggest Facebook social ad campaign ever.” Every week we have new members joining.  All our members now also receive 7 days of sponsored Facebook advertising on us at the start of each summer. This means targeted adverts will appear on the walls of Facebook users [...]