22 08, 2018

Drone Surveys in London

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How To Find London Drone Surveying Experts Restrictions on their use mean that drone surveys London often require more planning than those in other cities and towns. As well as airport traffic, there is above average use of helicopters in London, so caution is needed. Drone Safe Register provides you with a list of London based Drone Experts that can help you. We even appeared on BBC's Dragon's Den because of it. Receive Instant Quotes From Our Experts Concerns over terrorism and threats to [...]

17 08, 2018

Drone Photography Prices UK

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Drone photography prices in the UK UK vary depending on a number of factors. The most important is whether the drone photographer you book is legal and insured to fly. Drone Safe Register was set up to promote the use of drones safely and responsibly in the UK, and to ensure that anyone hiring an operator understands the law. We have CAA approved operators for hire nationwide and we have the UK's latest expert network. It’s possible to find cheap drone pilots of course, but it can be very risky to use one of these. Firstly, they [...]

16 08, 2018

Drone Services Ireland – What’s Available & How To Hire

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There are a growing number of drone services in Ireland already, and more are appearing as the technology improves. We are at an exciting new frontier with a number of new technologies emerging and evolving at the same time. Unmanned vehicles, drones and artificial intelligence will combined in new ways over the coming years. So what’s available now in terms of drone services currently available in Ireland? Drone roof inspections. This service has been available for some time, but it’s really only now being embraced. A drone roof inspection is quicker, cheaper and safer than traditional [...]

8 06, 2018

How to Hire a Drone Pilot

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If you want to know how to hire a drone pilot, Drone Safe Register’s quick quote facility is the perfect place to start. With over 370 CAA approved drone pilots available, you can obtain drone quotes for anywhere in the UK. There are several things to consider when you hire a drone pilot in the UK. Anyone using a drone for payment or reward must have approval to do so from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). There is no such thing as a UK drone licence, and approval comes in the form of a PFCO (Permission for Commercial Operations). [...]

31 05, 2018

Dramatic Rise in Drone Pilot Hire Predicted

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Accountancy giant PWC released a report in May 2018 predicting an exciting future for anyone involved in drone pilot hire. The industry is projected to offer a boost to the UK’s economy of over £42 billion by the year 2030. Drones are still regarded as toys and a dangerous nuisance by many, but the PWC report sets out the positive impact unmanned aircraft are having in a broad range of industries. It predicts that over 72,000 drones will be in the UK’s sky by the end of the next decade, and gives specific financial projections that [...]

24 04, 2018

Hire a drone pilot in Essex

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Drone hire in Essex is a growth industry, and there’s high demand for pilots with approval for commercial work by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Anyone operating unmanned aircraft for pay or reward needs CAA approval, so always check when booking drone hire in Essex or any other county. As well as ensuring your project is carried out legally, hiring a CAA approved drone pilot gives you peace of mind that an operator will act professionally and fly safely. The location of Stansted and Southend Airports in Essex, as well as several local aerodromes, means the [...]

28 04, 2017

Changes to our payment system

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We are making some changes to our membership payment system and you can now pay yearly or six monthly. DSR is the UK’s leading marketed drone hire directory website. We make the process of finding and hiring a legal drone pilot quick and easy.  We heavily market the site using social networking platforms and Google AdWords.  We are highly ranked on Google. DSR provides a searchable national database and digital map of trained, qualified and insured drone pilots who are available for hire. We currently have more than 250 members providing exceptional drone hire coverage in the UK. [...]