13 11, 2020

Drone Virtual Tours

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Drone Virtual Tours Drone Virtual Tours are providing a powerful and unique way of showcasing interactive interpretations of your location and surrounding amenities. At Drone Safe Register™, we have an established network of CAA Approved, professional members with a vast range of skills. A number of Drone Safe Register™ members complete high resolution Virtual Tours for Commercial, Residential and Industrial properties, to name a few. Find your local Virtual Tour drone pilot The innovation of FPV (First Person View) has seen [...]

23 07, 2018

Drones for production companies

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Aerial filming and video was only an affordable option for big budget TV productions and movies up until a few years ago, but drone technology has changed all that. Drones for production companies are now within the budget of marketing films and more routine work. Aerial footage adds a cinematic quality to a video production. With the right skills and experience a drone operator can produce stunning aerial video to add a wow factor to even the most mundane subjects. Drone reveal shots where the camera pans up to reveal something like a hotel at sunset [...]