If you find yourself needing to sell your home faster than the market seems to be allowing, there are several things to bear in mind.

Property Photography with a Drone UK
  • Don’t be tempted by the ‘we buy any house’ operations. These may seem like the perfect solution, but you’ll only receive a rock bottom price. The thought of an immediate cash offer for a property you’re struggling to sell is attractive, but you may regret it in the longer term. In some cases, moving out and renting place to live may be a better option.
  • Don’t price based on the highest valuation. Some agents and valuers may put a premium price on a property, but it doesn’t mean it will sell for that. If you’re prepared to wait for the right buyer you may achieve a higher sale price, but if you’re asking ‘how do I sell my home faster’ this isn’t the best strategy.
  • Put the word out. Tell everybody you know that your home is up for a quick sale. Tell your friends, neighbours, local shopkeepers and anyone else that may be interested or know someone who might be. Use Facebook, Twitter and local advertising. An unexpected buyer could be the perfect solution.
  • Finish any odd jobs. When I wanted to sell my home faster last year, I stepped back and looked at it as a stranger would. It’s surprising how many little jobs weren’t quite finished! A lick of paint here, a bit of de-cluttering and some clearing up in the garden can make a bog difference.
  • Hire an aerial photographer with a drone. For some types of property, aerial photographs are the only way to show off the full glory. If you have an impressive extension or a beautifully landscaped garden, an aerial photographer with a drone can capture the true spectacle. Drone property photographs cost from as little as £200.
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