A roof inspection cost UK varies depending on a number of factors. These include the size of your property, its location, the type of inspection you need and how it will be carried out. Drone roof inspections are now widely available in the UK, and these are often a more cost effective solution.

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Drone Roof Inspection Cost

Roof inspections can be necessary for several reasons including –

  • A property purchase. The roof is one of the largest and most expensive parts of a property, so the cost of a roof inspection can be a very worthwhile investment. Older properties in particular can benefit from a detailed roof survey. Loose tiles, broken guttering and cracks in a chimney stack can be identified. The general state of a roof can be a very good indicator of the overall condition of a property. If there is heavy weathering and little evidence of maintenance, it’s a warning sign.
  • An insurance claim. A roof inspection cost UK may be picked up by a Loss Assessor or person acting on your behalf as part of an insurance claim assessment. Insurance companies are beginning to see the potential cost savings of drone roof inspections rather then erecting scaffolding. Leaks following storms and severe weather are often the result of loose tiles and damaged waterproofing, so a roof inspection is a good way of identifying the cause of problems.
  • A property valuation. For larger properties such as commercial units a roof inspection can be part of the valuation process. Buyers at an auction can take comfort and are often willing to bid higher prices if detailed reports are provided. If a valuation is required as part of a remortgage application a roof inspection cost UK is worth paying as it may increase chances of success.

Local drone companies will be able to quote for roof inspection costs, and this is a good place to start. Be specific about the type of inspection you need, and check that the company is approved by the CAA to carry out commercial work.

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