For the right project there’s nothing like the otherwise impossible views you can capture with a flying camera

Drones and Construction Projects

Construction drone photography requires a combination of technical and creative skills.

Yes you can pick up a drone with an onboard camera for just a few hundred pounds now, but expectation versus reality may be very disappointing when it comes to the results. If you plan to sell aerial images or footage you could fall foul of the law if you don’t do it properly.

You could also face a fine or prosecution if you hire an operator who doesn’t comply with requirements.

Drones and the Construction Inspection Industry UK

Photographic skills and the ability to make the most of aerial viewpoints. Understanding ISO and aperture settings, shutter speed and frame rates are just the start. Aerial drone

Photography only has real impact if the operator understands the impact of light, the shooting angle and even the time of day on the results

 Equipment to the standard required for the job. Drone technology has advanced rapidly over the past few years, but there’s still a great difference in the quality of photographs and video  between amateur and professional models.

A budget model with a built-in camera is great for taking holiday photos and experimenting with, but if you’re serious about aerial drone photography you need to invest in equipment. For broadcast quality a drone with an external camera and interchangeable lenses is the choice of professionals

Considering all of the above factors it’s usually best to leave it to the experts and hire an aerial drone photographer. As well as the necessary permissions to operate legally a drone professional will have insurance and access to other resources to deliver work to the required standard.

For example, aerial video footage will need to be processes and edited and photographs will usually need enhancing using specialist software.

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Hiring a professional drone photographer is particular important for events and occasions

As well as considering the safety and legal aspects you need to be confident that the results will be what you need and ‘right first time.’ You don’t get a second chance to capture aerial footage of a wedding, and you can’t ask the competitors on a triathlon to race again if something isn’t captured properly!

To get the best results and to operate within the law a commercial drone photographer must have –

Insurance, training and permission from the CAA to carry out paid work using drone technology. This involves investment of time and money, and an operator must pass theory and practical tests before he is approved

An understanding of the laws around the use of drones. This is part of the examination to become an approved drone operator, but as the laws evolve and change it’s necessary to keep knowledge up to date.

Expertise in flying and maintaining drones. The latest models have built-in safety features and guidance systems, but they still need a skilled pilot. Controlling the aircraft should be second nature to anyone involved in aerial drone photography so they can concentrate on getting the right shots.

Drone accidents are very rare, but the consequences of an accident can be quite serious. Drone Safe operators carry out risk assessments and take steps to mitigate potential accidents before the drone even leaves the ground.

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