Project Description

DSR OSC Update

Last month, we were thrilled to receive final confirmation by the CAA of our  DSR OSC scheme and work has been continuing behind the scenes now to make this into reality as far as our pilots are concerned. Progress on building our initial team of OSC operators is proceeding well with all interested pilots having now received their formal offer and being in the process of replying.

By early New Year we should be in a position to confirm a venue and proposed dates for training so we can find out the best fit for the successful operators.  Any operators that don’t get through this initial filter will be given feedback on why.  The goal is then to have the first tranche of operators training and in the air by the end of January.

As a reminder, depending on airframe, operators will gain access to the following exemptions:

  • TO&L down to 10m
  • Flight down to 20m (airframe dependent)
  • Crowds down to 75m
  • EVLOS to 1000m

DSR look forward to completing this pilot stage and continuing to roll out the scheme so that each county has an OSC DSR pilot able to take care of work that requires special permissions.