Project Description

A Word From Mark…

“…November and this has really been a landmark month for DSR in so many ways.”

Our First Meeting

Working with our partners at Jessops, November also saw our first industry meeting and I was genuinely thrilled to see how many of members made the effort to come along and be part of it – some of you travelled substantial distances to be there and I’m genuinely grateful and glad to have you involved with the group.

We had great industry speakers from all parts of the industry as well as obviously taking the time to let you know about the OSC and all the other member benefits that are coming down the line. New events are planned around the country from the beginning of next year and I look forward to meeting as many members as possible over the course of our travels.  Of course, you can always come and visit us on the Jessops stand at the Drone Show on December 1st – 2nd if you just can’t wait!

As we head towards the end of the year, and looking ahead at all the opportunities we have, I’m very excited to be working on creating a fantastic 2019 for our DSR members!

Brand New Website

Our new website has finally been launched and we are facing the challenge of working  our way through the inevitable teething problems caused by migrating such a complex and much tinkered with system over to one consolidated platform.

The old website had many hands in its creation and the addition of so many plugins that it was a little bit of a miracle that it ran as well as it did!  The new website has consolidated all of this onto a solid technical platform and, as a result, is a much faster and more pleasant user experience for our visitors which was one of our key requirements.

It has also brought the hire and stock aspects of DSR all together under one roof which just makes sense.  So now, there is a single point of entry for anyone looking for a drone pilot or drone footage / photography – simpler and easier all round.

Submit your Stock

While we’re on the subject of stock footage, let me just urge you all to take a look through your archives and start submitting this to the stock library. Personally, I’ve made a substantial income over the years from selling stock video which has seen me through the inevitable ‘quiet periods’ over my time as a drone pilot and there’s never been an easier time for you to take advantage of this great member benefit.   Images / footage are watermarked for you to keep them safe from unauthorised usage and they’ll be searchable both by keyword and by location – making them easy for potential buyers to find.

Use your time between jobs to upload all of the great quality footage and images that I know you have lying around on various hard drives and even plan some trips to shoot some more especially for the website – it’s just another low effort revenue generating opportunity that’s waiting for you at the DSR website!


Graham Degg, DSR Director of Safety, has to get all of the credit as we finally got to hold our CAA permissions for the DSR OSC in our hands last week.  Exciting to be able to start rolling out this program with our first batch of ten pilots and we are looking forward to being able to extend this in 2019.  This marks the end of a long and laborious effort by Graham to create all the necessary documentation and procedures to satisfy the CAA that our network is deserving of these permissions and I’d like to take this chance to thank him for his tireless efforts in getting us this important opportunity.

Opening the Marketplace

We’ve also added in a brand new Marketplace facility to make it easier for everyone to buy and sell their old equipment. This exciting new facility is available to DSR members free of charge and it’s a great way to move your old gear to make room (and money!) for the new without the expense of other online auction fees.  There are some great bargains to be had on there so it’s a great place to visit first if you are planning a purchase.