Project Description

DSR Working with the CAA as Key Stakeholders

Drone Safe Register is delighted to have been invited to work alongside the CAA as a key industry stakeholder in their UAS unit.

CAA LogoThe CAA established a UAS unit a little over six months ago.  The goal being to bring together industry operators and service providers from all areas to provide guidance and focus as they continue to develop their strategies with regard to drones.

Legislation and best practice regarding commercial and hobbyist UAV use continues to evolve apace.  March has already seen one update to the Air Navigation Order with more changes scheduled for November of this year. The CAA are currently defining the processes and procedures that will facility craft registration and pilot competence certification so this is a particularly key time in the industry’s short history.  Drone Safe Register are thrilled to be able to represent our members and indeed all drone pilots at this pivotal time.

We will be attending the first of the biannual industry forums at the start of May and we are looking forward to receiving progress updates and being able to offer our input.

One other key area of development that concerns pilots of all UAVs is airspace modernisation.  Our airspace needs have changed and work is in progress to make sure that its structure can meet the needs of all parties. In particular, the area of electronic conspicuity is being looked at with the goal of taking further steps to mitigate the risk of collision between manned and unmanned aircraft.  This issue will be discussed at the upcoming forum and at a further ‘Share the Air’ conference being held at the end of June – which will bring together GA, airport, military and UAS representatives to share feedback and ideas.

There can be no doubt that changes to the ‘traditional’ airspace usage are required if the UK is to leverage the earning potential of the UAV and Drone Safe Register are thrilled to by playing their part in the shaping the future of our exciting new industry.

Drones and commercial airspace modernisation with the CAA