Project Description

DSR – a Brand New Online Home

One of the first things that it was important to us to take care of here at DSR after we got the exciting Dragons’ Den news was to create a brand new online home for us all – both pilots and consumers alike.

We’d be the first to admit that the old website wasn’t ideal – it had been developed over time by many different hands with parts bolted on as and when our requirements had changed and more importantly, it wasn’t the nicest or the fastest user experience for our visitors.

So the new website has been created to make it faster and more efficient for clients to find the drone pilots in their area and get in touch with them to talk about working together.

Pilot Profiles

The appearance of the pilot profiles has been improved along with the speed at which you can upload to and change your listing.  There are additional categories so you can feature your areas of expertise and much more information about activity on the site, including the numbers of instant quotes requested and profile views for your listing.   All in all, it’s a much friendlier place to visit and make sure that you have access to all the information you need and that your profile is kept up to date and looking it’s best for all of the customers that are now visiting.

Stock Library

It’s also combined the hire website with the stock footage website for the first time to provide all drone needs inside a single web address.  So visitors can also look for aerial stock footage and still images that meet their needs, either by keyword or by using the map facility if they are looking for images of a particular location.  It’s been made even easier for pilots to upload their photos and video with the watermarking taking place for you to protect your property from unauthorised usage when it’s online.


We’ve created a Marketplace facility for pilots to buy and sell their drone equipment and that’s not limited to Drone Safe Register members (although they are able to use this useful area free of charge).

These two new areas, along with all of the information, news and updates that you’ve come to expect, will make the Drone Safe Register website a more exciting and engaging place to visit.   We’re going to have a period of stability before we begin to add to the new functionality and features that we have planned but our online future is certainly looking bright!