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Coverdrone – Changing the Drone Insurance Landscape

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Coverdrone, who DSR are proud to partner with, have yet again raised the bar when it comes to responding to the very specific needs faced by drone pilots across the UK.

They are changing their policies to reflect the fact that there is no ‘one size fits all’ policy for the vast range of requirements in the drone industry from the occasional hobbyist through to the high level, flying ever day, commercial operators.

Commercial clients can now benefit from receiving Aviation Authority Registration Forms as soon as they register with Coverdrone, even if they don’t immediately go ahead and purchase a policy.  Registered clients will also now be able to obtain liability only cover for any of their employees who are in the process of training with an NQE.

‘A large number of operators use their drone(s) as a tool to assist their primary business and only need cover occasionally or if it is a secondary occupation. Having the flexibility to choose the cover and flight days is not only beneficial from a practical perspective but it also helps manage their budgets.’ Andrew – Coverdrone

The UK’s growing drone hobbyist population has also not been left behind, now having the option to purchase an annual policy to cover all of their flying activities.

Flysafe App – Available to Everyone

One more exciting change that Coverdrone have made is to release their pioneering ‘Flysafe’ app to everyone – whether they are a Coverdrone customer or not – completely free of charge.

The thinking behind this is that this will make the skies safer for everyone which has to be seen as a really positive step in tackling some of the perceived issues of drone safety.  This app allows users to log their flights so their location can be viewed by other drone users.  It also offers a range of safety data which can be of immense help in the essential flight planning process.

  • Environmental conditions
  • Flight restrictions
  • Airspace maps
  • Safety hazards

‘Our FlySafe app is a partnership between Coverdrone and Altitude Angel who are a market leader in providing flight safety data. If we can help our clients in any way to make the skies safer for all then we will. For anybody who hasn’t tried the app, we would highly recommend they give it a go. Any new developments from the AA team will be available via the app’

Andrew – Coverdrone

Coverdrone UK Drone Flysafe App

DSR members receive a discount from Coverdrone  – just get in touch with them to find out more about how they can help you to take care of all of your drone insurance needs.

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