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A word from Mark Boyt for February 2019

2019 didn’t seem to start in the most positive place in terms of the drone industry as the recent events at Gatwick Airport seemed to dominate in the news and indeed in the mind of the public with some of our members reporting receiving a degree of negativity despite the fact that they were operating completely safely and legally.

So today I am delighted to see a largely positive response to our communications to the Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP  from the Department of Transport and what seems to be an understanding that future legislation changes are not targeted at commercial drone pilots.  I feel that it is time that the high standards upheld by our safe and legal operators are recognised and all UAV pilots are not tarred with the same brush as a minority of individuals who are simply using drones as a tool to cause disruption where they  may have used other means in the past.

As the head of an organisation such as Drone Safe Register, I can vouch for our CAA approved operators working to the letter of the law as well as producing some excellent work that benefits all those that hire them and I’ll stand by that with pride.

Behind the scenes, we are once again working on some new initiatives to bring both greater benefits to our members along with the drone hiring public in terms of making our website (and our operators) more easily found and also in raising awareness of the applications of drone technology and how it can offer so many benefits and advantages.  From marine conservation, through roof inspections to creating jaw dropping footage to be enjoyed on the big screen – there is so much good work that can be achieved through drones that we are really focusing on this.

I’ve often stated that our members are a very talented bunch of pilots and I was delighted to be able to reward this through our annual Drone Safe Register Awards. With four categories including Film and TV Imagery, Best Commercial Application, Best Show Reel and Best Drone Photo, we were inundated with entries of the highest quality.  The winners can be found on our blog and they were all very worthy champions indeed.

We are also working on something very exciting that we have wanted to achieve for a number of years now and that is to offer our Hobbyist members a great range of new benefits, including a dedicated website and forum, increased hobbyist member discounts and some high quality training aimed at helping them to make the most of their drone-flying leisure time.  This new area is currently in development and testing and hopefully I will be able to reveal it to the public nearer to April.

So, despite a somewhat bleak landscape as 2019 began, there is a great deal of positive work going on here at Drone Safe Register HQ and we are fully committed to offering our members great service by continuing to work with the relevant authorities to further the cause of commercial drone operators in general.  Combine this with our work to offer a fun and exciting area for hobbyist and I’m sure that pilots at all levels will be able to benefit hugely from being a part of DSR.

There has never been a better time to become a member of the market leading drone directory of professional, approved and certified drone operators at Drone Safe Register

Drone Safe Register Award Winners

Jason Smith from Cinecloud with his first of two awards

A really outstanding year from him.  This beautiful image of the i360 was captured in Brighton and showcases an unusual angle on this popular tourist attraction.

drone safe register award winner