Aerial surveys can provide valuable data on many things not visible at ground level. Industries benefiting include construction, mining, transportation and archaeology.

Light aircraft have been the go-to option for aerial surveys until recently, but drone technology is now a more flexible and affordable option.

Satellite imagery technology may be suitable in some cases, but the quality and resolution doesn’t match that available from aerial drone cameras.

An experienced land surveys aerial photographer can advise you on the best options for the type of survey required.

For example, two-dimensional images can be used to extract three-dimensional measurements. Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) technology can create precise 3D models and maps of objects and environments.

Lidar works by sending laser pulses from a transmitter and measuring the distance to the target by reflections to a sensor.

It’s been around since the 1960’s but is now commonly available for surveying thanks to drone technology. A land surveys aerial photographer may offer drone-mounted Lidar cameras and processing of data as one of their services.

As well as use for mapping existing buildings and other man-made structures, aerial surveys can be valuable for 

  • Capturing evidence for boundary disputes. These are surprisingly common, and the Land Registry isn’t always able to give definitive answers to resolve
  • Drainage details. Flooding is a serious problem for the insurance and construction industries in the UK. Aerial survey data can help to identify areas prone to flooding and help authorities take action to prevent problems in the future
  • Impact of climate change. Warmer summers and colder summers have in impact on the physical environment. Aerial imagery allows experts to assess and monitor this 
  • Monitoring coastal erosion. Large areas of land in the UK are lost to erosion every year. Defra provides funding to the Environment Agency and local authorities to manage this, and drone technology is increasingly playing a role

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