As the UK’s largest network of CAA approved drone pilots, Drone Safe Register offers national coverage and a broad range of expertise. Any pilot using a drone for commercial purposes must pass a test and gain approval to operate from the CAA. Drone Safe Register makes the process of finding a CAA approved pilot quick and easy. Their searchable database means you can find drones for hire and obtain quotations in minutes.

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The rapid rise of drone technology means that regulation and enforcement of the laws controlling the use of unmanned aircraft is having to catch up. New drone owners often break the law without realising it. For example, by taking off from their garden and flying over nearby houses and roads. Drone Safe Register offers Hobby Membership for just under £15 a year, and this is a great way to develop knowledge and learn to fly safely and responsibly.

Scare stories in the popular press mean that drone pilots are often viewed negatively by the general public, and taking out a Hobby Membership of Drone Safe Register is a positive step towards greater understanding. Membership includes information sheets, ID stickers for equipment and an ID card printed with the drone safety code. If challenged by a member of the public, showing an ID card can give some comfort that a pilot understands the law and is acting responsibly.

As well as helping to promote safety and awareness about the benefits of drones, Drone Safe Register offers an aerial photography stock footage service. Anyone looking for aerial film can search the library and make significant savings over hiring a helicopter or drone operator to commission some filming. Members of Drone Safe Register are uploading new footage every day, and the library is rapidly becoming the go to place for aerial footage in the UK.

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