Marathons and other large races can be an ideal event to be captured from an aerial perspective as they are such an impressive spectacle when seen from a bird’s eye view.  However, these can have participants and spectators numbering over 1000 people.  This changes the law as it applies to drones.

Marathon Drone Hire Check List

With groups of more than 1000 people, your drone operator will need to be 150 meters away at all times.

  1. They should carry out a thorough site survey to ensure it is feasible to carry out the required work and assess any risks.
  2. Ensure they carry out work within the conditions of their insurance policy.
  3. Drones can fly up to 400 feet.
  4. If you are hiring a drone near an airport or local airfield they should contact the appropriate air traffic control to ensure they are clear to operate their drone on the date and time in the manner that you require.
  5. Using a drone after dusk i.e. at night requires special permission.
  6. They will always require landowner’s permission to take off, fly and land on their property.
  7. Drones can fly near people only in control of the pilot in charge.
  8. Flying within 150m of 1000 people or more is illegal.
  9. Groups of 999 of less can be 50m or closer if in complete control of pilot and briefed.

Safety is paramount!

  1. They should be aware of people they are working for. Brief people who they are filming with and ensure other people are considered and are in a safe viewing area.