Drone Major Take Cheap Shot At Drone Safe Register 

Today we have learned that Robert Garbett CEO of the Drone Major Group has decided to take a cheap shot at Drone Safe Register on the back of this week’s news of the Jessops retail group calling in administrators.

Not only did Robert post on his Drone Accelerator Facebook page but then decided to share this post publicly to over 30 UK drone-based community groups. 

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According to news reports Peter Jones is planning to seek a deal with Jessop’s landlords and lenders.

This is a common process that allows a business to negotiate agreements with creditors, and is often used as an opportunity to review rents. Jessops is still trading, and Peter Jones believes there is a future for the business.

Robert Garbett appears to have interpreted the news on Jessops his own way in an attempt to generate drone sales from his own website. 

Mr Garbett’s post is quite odd as he states his network is the only business accelerator for the drone industry worldwide.

If he has any knowledge of the drone industry he would be aware of Drone Safe Register, the UK’s leading Drone Pilot Network which has a network established in 2015 with hundreds of members supplying professional drone pilots to a range of UK businesses and private customers. 

Even more oddly, the post directs members of the public to a website with no drones displayed for sale? Perhaps Drone Major Group have been so successful they’ve run out of stock? Or perhaps they don’t have any relationships?

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The post continues, ‘Drone Major are the world’s first company to provide specialist advisory services to organisations seeking to adopt or explore drone or counter-drone related equipment.’

These are incredible statements, and it doesn’t take much research to find other well-established experts and organisations in these fields.

Perhaps Mr Garbett was invited to Gatwick to consult and advise on counter- drone technology in December 2018?

It seems that every week there are new drone networks appearing.

These are often jumping on the bandwagon of interest in commercial drone opportunities without any knowledge or experience of the technology, let alone the complexities of the drone market and working with industry. Claims are made with regards to enquiry numbers and website traffic, but these are never substantiated. 

We are proud of the success Drone Safe Register have achieved in what is still a new and challenging industry.

We have again great plans for 2020 and beyond with more member conferences, joint ventures with property, insurance and construction companies. 

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DSR would like to thank and wish Robert every success with his unique ‘business accelerator for the drone industry’.

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