Drone Safe Register announces Insure4Drones as official insurance partner.

Insure for Drones

Drone Safe Register is pleased to announce the appointment of its preferred drone insurance provider. Welcome, Insure4Drones.co.uk.

Insure4Drones’ objective to shake up the market for commercial drone insurance in the UK. It brings unbeatable speed, flexibility and price competitiveness to the UK’s commercial drone pilots and operators. Drone Safe Register pilots, check them out.

Until now, our pilots have been subjected to hour-long forms and week-long turnaround times for their insurance certificates. Insure4Drones changes the game in this regard. Its online forms are quick and easy to complete, and its cover and insurance certificates are ready and available for download in a matter of minutes.

Insure4Drone’s strengths lie not just in the ease of use, but flexibility and price too. Unlike policyholders of other drone or UAV insurance providers, its customers can:

  • Buy online for quick, instant cover
  • Pay monthly with 0% APR
  • Enjoy no extra cost for adding multiple drone operators
  • Save 10% when taking out Public Liability & drone cover
  • Get up to 20% off per drone when adding multiple drones

From SUA aerial photography to farming with a quadcopter, Insure4Drones covers a wide range of commercial UAS applications. Policy options include public liability cover, accidental damage, disappearance and theft, noise, trespassers cost and worldwide insurance coverage.

So why the partnership with Drone Safe Register? These are exciting times for commercial drone operators in the UK, but safety and security are continuing to shape new but fast-growing industry.

At Drone Safe Register, we take drone safety very seriously. We only recommend reputable, qualified and, most importantly, safe drone operators to those looking to hire UAVs. It’s this focus on trust and reputable providers that has helped us become the number one UAV hire site in the UK.

When it comes to recommending insurance providers, we take the same approach: reputation and trustworthiness are key. In this regard, Insure4Drones’ pedigree doesn’t get much better. The unique insurance brand and market proposition of Insure4Drones is powered by The JRW Group, the UK’s leading sports and leisure insurance provider. Established in 1998, The JRW Group has a long history in insurance and boasts 150,000 policyholders across a number of sports and leisure markets. Insurance from Insure4Drones is also underwritten at Lloyd’s of London.