Drone Safe Register partner with wedding planning website Hitched.co.uk to make it quick and easy to find a safe, legal and insured drone pilot for wedding aerial photography across the UK.

Hitched Wedding Planning Website

Hitched is the UK’s number 1 site for wedding planning –  they offer advice, list thousands of wedding suppliers from venues to photographers and now on request of DSR they have added a new ‘Drone’ category in their national supplier listings.

DSR believes this partnership to be worth every penny of their investment and a smart move on behalf of its DSR members for a number of reasons.

Hitched.co.uk receives 900,000 unique visitors to the site every month. With nearly a million monthly new visitors who potentially might need a drone on their big day this is a highly efficient way of linking hirer to operator.

Hitched  have created a brand new ‘drone’ category in their national supplier listings.  This makes the process quick and easy for anybody looking to hire a legal drone operator at their wedding. By creating a new ‘drone’ category there is no doubt that drones will become more and more part of the wedding budgets. And with the average Hitched.co.uk bride spending £24,000 on their wedding day the upside business potential could be set to fly! The ‘drone’ category creates an exclusive benefit for DSR members because only DSR members are searchable.

This partnership provides the stimulus for couples planning a wedding to even consider using a drone to capture a unique perspective on their special day. The stimulus also creates a call to action by providing a direct link to DSR’s searchable UK drone directory. DSR have witnessed a massive rise in drones being used to capture stunning establishing shots of the wedding venue/church, wedding group video/photography and also often the bride and groom sharing a special moment.

By using the DSR directory; Hitched users planning aerial photography at their wedding will have the peace of mind that they are hiring a safe, legal, qualified and insured drone pilot.   Any drone pilot receiving payment for aerial work is legally required to have Civil Aviation Authority permission (CAA PFAW) along with valid insurance documents.  By ensuring that your drone pilot has their DSR pilot ID card, you can rest assured that you are employing the services of an approved drone pilot who operates in accordance to UK drone law.

Keen to capitalise on the growing trend of drones being used at weddings DSR have been quick to move on behalf of its members.  That’s why this partnership was formed and negotiated over the past few months .  DSR is committed to its members and work hard to ensure we remain at the forefront of industry trends and in turn remain the fastest growing drone website in the UK.

Drone Safe Register is delighted to announce that new members can now pay monthly. This will be added to our website Monday morning. You can now join the UK’s fastest growing professional directory for drone hire for just £17.50 per month*

It’s been a busy week for Drone Safe Register. On Wednesday we were invited to attend a crowd management and drone safety awareness event hosted by Andrew McQuillan who runs The Crowd Management Company.

Drone Safe Register and Crowd Management

Andrew McQuillan is a well-known crowd management consultant who also organises safety courses throughout the UK. The course is designed for event organisers looking to find more information about hiring Drone Operations.  His work also involves providing event organisers with the technical resources to prevent drones from illegally flying over events.

The event this week was hosted at Ashton Court in Bristol and was also attended by special guests- Devon & Cornwall’s police drone squad who arrived fresh from being live on BBC Crimewatch UK roadshow that very morning. After the drone presentation, attendees got the chance to ask the police drone team some questions.  The sentiment of the Q&A session was that this is a very proactive police department acting on all drone calls received from the public. It seems that the police are aware of the increasing number of drones being purchased by amateurs and illegally flown for commercial gain within the UK.  The CAA are now relying on the police force to take action where necessary.

Having heard the officers talk on the subject of drones the biggest challenge they are facing is educating the public that all drones users must operate safe, legally and follow the CAA rules. All too often people are rushing out to buy off the shelf drones and not bothering to read the safety instructions nor operating manual or even familiarise themselves with the UK’s drone laws.   It doesn’t help that many drones come with flight controls that do much of the work itself giving the false impression that professional drone flying is easier than it is.

When it comes to drone complaints, Devon & Cornwall’s policing approach is to record pilot details, ask them to sign a statement saying they understand the UK drone code and ask them to fly reasonably. Should they receive a call again, no doubt, they would take stronger action.

Almost weekly we read or hear of an amateur pilot using a drone for financial gain without the correct CAA permission nor commercial insurance. From talking with the Devon & Cornwall police team this is completely unacceptable and will be challenged in all cases.  DSR hopes that all UK police constabularies will follow suit and act as professionally as the Devon and Cornwall department. We all know someone flying without CAA permission but could this be about to be stamped out? If all police forces followed this approach, we could potentially put a stop to illegal drone flying across the UK.  Undoubtedly this would be welcomed by the UK’s legal CAA approved drone operators.

All drone pilots operating for commercial gain are legally required to have Civil Aviation Authority permission (CAA PFAW) along with valid insurance documents.  Commercial gain includes uploading aerial photos and video onto YouTube. It also includes editing drone footage into your showreel. So if the aerial footage has a commercial gain attached to it  – its illegal to fly without CAA permission and insurance.  Legally you can’t even receive a pint down the pub in payment for some aerial footage or an aerial photo if was shot by a illegal unqualified pilot.

DSR’s advice to non-qualified and non-insured pilots is to seriously consider the safety implications and the fact that you are breaking the law. You’re also giving the legal qualified drone operators a bad name.  It’s only a matter of time before a major accident caused by illegal drone operator. Don’t be that person. Spend the time learning your craft and how to professionally operate and fly your drone. Get qualified and insured. Once you have your CAA PFAW we can accept you onto Drone Safe Register.

Drone Safe Register Testimonials

Here at DSR we love it when we receive testimonials from our members telling us about real tangible examples of the benefits of joining DSR.  After all it’s better if the good news comes from our members!  If you are a DSR member and you have secured a job through being a member do get in touch and we would be happy to share the good news!

Stratus Imagery Drone Safe Register

Sam mentioned to us how he was impressed that on the last two jobs he had had worked on, both clients had asked to see his DSR ID badge which he thought was a good thing as the customers are protecting themselves and making sure they are working with fully qualified and insured drone operators.  Sam also discussed with us how he thought it is great that DSR provides ONE online location for clients to check operators have CAA PFAW and insurance.  The CAA does have a list detailing qualified drone pilots but its not searchable geographically, not marketed online nor are the contact of pilots details displayed.

Sky Pilot Drone Safe Register

Bob informed us that upon becoming a DSR member he very soon received an enquiry from a building developer who needed a local drone operator to visually track the progress of 17 houses being built.  This was a sizeable job enquiry that will involve 6 different drone visits to track the houses being built over time.  Bob has also received an additional enquiry to work for a major theme park and cover some entertainment events happening later in the year. Bob secured these multiple jobs as a result of being a member of DSR.