Early Saturday morning the DSR team assembled to film and produce what some are describing as the best #MannequinChallenge they have ever seen!  It is official, the DSR mannequin challenge video is going viral…

DSR Mannequin Challenge

In just over 24 hours DSR has organically gained more public awareness than ever which just demonstrates the power of our website.  Our Facebook ‘page likes’ are spiking and the DSR website has received unprecedented traffic figures!  This little 49 second video has in a matter of hours put a huge spotlight on the existence of DSR, its members and how to locate a safe and legal drone pilot in the UK.

The viral idea came from DSR founder Mark Boyt who late Friday night contacted the DSR team to create the DSR mannequin challenge the very next morning.  Early next day the DSR team assembled and in under a minute the video was shot.   The single take was then edited, stock music added and published by 1pm the same day.

It just goes to show that with a little bit of creative vision great things can be achieved.  DSR would like to thank the whole team for creating this viral video at such short notice and helping to promote the UK’s Number 1 drone hire website.

Mark Boyt says, “Actually I cannot really take the credit for the idea.  It was my 10 and 13-year-old sons who said you should make a Drone Safe Register Mannequin Challenge.  And that’s how the idea was formed…Late Friday night the challenge was set!”

“As long as it’s safe and legal, DSR will do everything it we can to promote its members.  It’s our personal mission to build value for all our members.  This doesn’t come without a lot of hard work!  Sometimes it’s good to think outside the box and be creative to get your message out there!”

DSR has received lots of comments and questions regarding how we shot the mannequin challenge. We are busy editing a ‘Behind The Scenes’ video so standby for a short film which we will post soon to reveal how we shot the challenge.

DSR set out to make a viral video to spread awareness that when hiring a drone pilot it is vital to hire a safe and legal commercial UAV operator. Anything that focuses on making the UK’s skies safer for any type of airspace usage is, in our opinion, a cause worth backing!