The Department for Transport has just announced that Drones will be banned from operating 5km from airports. This new extended no-fly zone will come into force next month.

All drones will be banned from being flown within five kilometres of airports from the 13th March 2019. 

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said: “The law is clear that flying a drone near an airport is a serious criminal act.

“We’re now going even further and extending the no-fly zone to help keep our airports secure and our skies safe.

“We are also working to raise awareness of the rules in place.

“Anyone flying their drone within the vicinity of an airport should know they are not only acting irresponsibly, but criminally, and could face imprisonment.”

The Government is also working on new law which will give police officers more powers to stop and search flyers suspected of using drones maliciously above 400ft or within five kilometres of an airport.

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Owners of drones which weigh between 250g and 20kg will also be required to register their devices and complete an on-line safety test later this year.

The Government has also partnered with major drone retailer Jessops in a bid to reduce drone misuse. Peter Jones, owner of Jessops recently invested in Drone Safe Register, the UK’s leading Drone Hire platform.

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