Drones for Estate Agents

Some properties can only really be seen and appreciated from an aerial perspective, and this is why drones for estate agents has become so popular. A home with landscaped gardens surrounded by countryside can sell itself if aerial photographs and videos are available to potential buyers.

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Plots of land can also benefit from drone aerial photography services.  Some estate agents take their own property photographs when producing listings, and so called ‘camera poles’ have been used in the past to take aerial property pictures.

A camera pole is an extendable monopod a camera is attached to, and they can be extended about 20 feet in the air. Drones for estate agents are the modern equivalent of camera poles and they are much more flexible.

The advantages of drones for estate agents is that as well as aerial photographs of properties they can record video flyovers. For certain types of home a drone video flyover can look spectacular. For prestige homes drone footage for marketing is becoming standard, with short videos edited to music being used to promote luxury properties in a unique way. As well as exterior aerial property video footage, interior footage of rooms can give a potential buyer an exciting overview of a property.

If you appoint an estate agent using drones for marketing, it’s worth checking that their service is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Any person or business using a drone for commercial purposes must have approval to do so to operate legally. A pilot must pass written and practical flight tests to prove they have the necessary knowledge, skill and safety awareness. Before a drone pilot takes off at your property it’s a good idea to ask to see evidence that they have Public Liability Insurance. Out of courtesy, you should let your neighbours know that you are using a drone aerial photography service as part of selling your home.

Drones for estate agents is a great value added service and can help you to sell your home more quickly.

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