Drones are revolutionising the way surveys are carried out. They are used in everything from town planning and major construction projects down to individual roof inspections of a single property. The advantages of a drone survey include –

  • Aerial views can take in the whole picture – literally
  • Drone surveys can be carried out without ladders, scaffolding or other equipment
  • Specialist software mean aerial drone images can be used for 3-D modelling and other sophisticated analysis
  • Drone surveys can be completed very quickly, so time and money are saved

So how much does a drone survey cost in the UK? Of course it varies on the type of work required, the drone and other equipment needed and the manpower and expertise involved. A routine job such as a drone roof inspection by one pilot could cost as little as £200. A more advanced survey of a large property can cost from £500 upwards.

Although there’s some initial outlay to have a drone survey, it can save you money in the long run. If you’re looking to buy a property it means you can look at otherwise hard to access places, so you know exactly what you’re taking on. For example, a drone survey may reveal damage to a roof, chimney or guttering. You could use the evidence of drone survey photographs to negotiate with the current owner of the property.

Drone surveys can also be useful in insurance claims. If you have clear evidence that your roof was in a good state of repair before a storm, an insurance company can’t put your claim down to ‘wear and tear’ as they often try to. If you need to gather evidence to submit an insurance claim, aerial photographs are perfect.

Drone survey costs in the UK are very reasonable when you consider the value and potential benefits. At Drone Safe Register we have a national network of CAA approved, insured drone pilots with the expertise to carry out all kinds of surveys. Contact our members now www.dronesaferegister.org.uk

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