There are a growing number of drone services in Ireland already, and more are appearing as the technology improves. We are at an exciting new frontier with a number of new technologies emerging and evolving at the same time. Unmanned vehicles, drones and artificial intelligence will combined in new ways over the coming years.

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So what’s available now in terms of drone services currently available in Ireland?

  • Drone roof inspections. This service has been available for some time, but it’s really only now being embraced. A drone roof inspection is quicker, cheaper and safer than traditional methods. Builders, surveyors and insurance Loss Adjusters are recognising the potential for using drone technology, and reaching hard to access roofs is just the start. Combined with technology like thermal imaging cameras and 3D modelling software drones are powerful tools for the construction industry.
  • Drone wedding photography. Wedding photography and videos have become a lot more sophisticated since digital cameras became available, but drones take things to another level. Sweeping shots of the bride’s car arriving, aerial shots of the wedding venue and cinematic video footage of the couple walking hand in hand are now possible thanks to drones.
  • Drone property photography. The Irish property market has its ups and downs, but selling a home is rarely an easy process. Having aerial property photographs taken with a drone can reduce the time it takes to sell. In times of a buyer’s market, you need to present your home in a different way to all the others, and aerial pictures are an easy way to do that. You can hire a drone operator for property photographs for around two hundred pounds, and it’s well worth the investment.

When booking drone services in Ireland,  it’s important to check that a company or pilot is operating legally. Any business offering drone services in the Ireland for payment must have approval from the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA).

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