Drone Safe Register (DSR) is delighted to announce that is has partnered with Cambridge UAV Academy (CUAVA).

Cambridge UAV Academy

DSR’s official training partner is now CUAVA who are a leading UK CAA fully approved NQE that specialises in training drone pilots that want to fly commercially.

In conversation with DSR, Chief Instructor of Cambridge UAV Academy, Alan Perrin said, “Teaming up with DSR is an exciting partnership for many reasons. DSR represents some of the very best safe and legal drone pilots in the country. We are hearing good things and many of our students have benefited from joining the fastest growing drone hire company in the UK. So we are very pleased to partner with DSR.”

Based in Cambridgeshire and Surrey, the Cambridge UAV Academy is a nationally serving ground / flight school run by seasoned professional pilots and course instructors with a wealth of commercial experience.

DSR have chosen to partner with CUAVA because we believe they offer the nation the best service and value for money for your professional UAV training needs. CUAVA will equip you with the knowledge and certification required to enable you to legally pilot a UAV on a commercial basis.

With a range of course options and a money back guarantee you can rely on CUAVA to get your drone flying career off to a flying start!

UK law states that anyone who wants to fly a drone for commercial work (referred to as ‘commercial operation’) must have a permission from the CAA, the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority.

The CAA does not run courses directly but instead approves commercial National Qualified Entities (NQEs) to conduct the training and assessment on their behalf.

On successful completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a sufficient understanding of aviation theory (airmanship, airspace, aviation law and good flying practice)
  • Develop basic procedures for conducting the type of flights you want to do and set these out in an Operations Manual
  • Pass a practical flight assessment (flight test)
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