Is it possible to get a drone roof survey in London?

There are of course laws governing the use of drones in London, as in all built up areas, but it is possible to hire a drone pilot for a roof survey. An experienced operator will know how to carry out a roof survey in London with a drone and what authorities he’ll need to contact.

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As well as following the standard CAA regulations for flying drones, there are some additional considerations when it comes to London. Most of the east of the city is controlled airspace, meaning a drone pilot will need to speak to Air Traffic Control before taking off. The location of Heathrow Airport means that air traffic is constant, and there is an obvious danger if a drone is flown in or near flight paths.

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There is also a large area in the centre of London designated as HIRTA. This is a High Intensity Radio Transmission Area, and flying a drone in this means a risk of interference with the electronic onboard. A pilot could lose control of a drone flying in a HIRTA, and it could simply fly away.

Before booking a drone roof survey London, ask the company to check your postcode and what restrictions may apply. It may take a while to obtain the necessary permissions from ATC and other organisations, so don’t’ expect it to happen within 24 hours.

The Drone Safe Register pilot search facility is HERE and has a number of London based drone operators to offer drone roof surveys in London.