Commercial use of drones is predicted to grow massively over the next decade, and drone roof inspections will be one of the key services. Using a drone to take aerial photographs and video footage of a property has many advantages over traditional methods, particularly when it comes to roof inspections and other hard to access areas.

Drone property inspections are being used in property sales, to assess the condition for maintenance and repairs and for insurance claims. Scaffolding and cherry pickers have been used for roof inspections in the past, but drones are a cheaper and quicker alternative. The data captured from a drone can be processed into various formats, including annotated diagrams and 3D models.

The construction and insurance industries have recognised the value of drone property inspections and there is growing demand for pilots. In the UK a drone pilot must hold a PfCO from the CAA to carry out work for payment or reward. This is effectively a drone licence, and means the operator can fly legally.

To find companies offering drone property inspections in your area search the Drone Safe Register database HERE