Drone Operator ID Labels, Spec’s and Shop link.

From the 1st of November 2019 we are pleased to announce our new Drone Operator ID Sticker service. This service is open to all Operators and sent first class delivery.

All Professional and Amateur Flyer membership plans will have 2 x Operator ID Stickers included for free at renewal but we have now opened this up to non DSR members to help the UK community become legal by the 30th November 2019.

You can order directly from our new SHOP or select a membership plan HERE which will now include ID labels.

Important notes to all Operators, Your operator ID must be:

  • visible without needing a special tool to remove or open part of your aircraft (Battery compartment is acceptable)
  • clear and in block capitals taller than 3mm (As per our Operator ID stickers)
  • secure and safe from damage
  • on the main body of the aircraft (Not on anything removal ie a battery)
  • easy to read when the aircraft is on the ground

You should use a removable type of label as your operator ID may change when you renew. (This has not been confirmed by the CAA)

You’ll need to remove your label if you’re no longer responsible for the drone or model aircraft.

Always use your operator ID, not your flyer ID. Only display the number starting with OP – XXXXXXX to your aircraft.

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