Obtaining an instant drone hire quote is easy thanks to Drone Safe Register. The organisation was set up to promote the safe use of drones and support people entering this exciting new industry, and now has over 380 approved drone pilots.

Drones are being used in everything from agriculture to construction, and the hire costs depend on a number of factors. A drone hire quote for a basic aerial photography job can be as low as £200, but a full day’s hire involving specialist equipment is more likely to be around £1,000.

Running a drone hire business in the UK can be expensive. To become an approved drone pilot an operator must take a course, pass exams and spend time preparing a detailed Operations Manual for the Civil Aviation Authority. Drone insurance costs aren’t cheap for commercial operators, and the CAA insist that cover is in place.

Perhaps the greatest element of drone hire costs is the investment in equipment. A company offering aerial photography for property pictures and event coverage can work with a drone costing around £1,000. For more advanced and specialist work the drone and camera can cost upwards of £5,000. Additional batteries, safety equipment and specialist software can add hundreds more to the drone hire business set up costs.

The DJI Inspire 2 and Matrice 210 are examples of the more advanced aircraft used in construction, surveying and television work. The instant drone hire quote facility from Drone Safe can be used to find operators with these advanced machines. Give as much detail as you can when obtaining quotes for drone hire so you can be sure to find the best company for the job.

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