What does a roof inspection cost using a drone pilot in Ireland?

The answer depends on a number of different factors, and what format you would like the results delivered in. Thanks to developments in technology, drone roof inspections have brought down prices and opened up a number of new options.

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The type of building you need surveyed is one of the main factors in a roof inspection cost. A roofer with a ladder will be able to carry out a basic inspection of a house or smaller property. For a factory, office block with limited roof access or other larger building, more specialist equipment will be necessary. Erecting scaffolding or hiring an access platform can push a roof inspection cost up considerably.

Drones and Roof Inspections

A drone roof inspection can cost as little as two hundred pounds. As well as cost savings, hiring a drone roof inspection company usually means the process is completed more quickly than traditional methods.

Drones and Roof Inspections

Part of a roof inspection cost is made up of the work required afterwards to prepare a survey report or supply photographs. If the survey is to check specific damage, such as missing tiles, this may be straightforward. For a comprehensive roof survey to assess maintenance requirements a detailed report with comments from a tradesman is necessary.

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