Drone hire in Lancashire is expected to increase dramatically over the next ten years. A surge in the use of unmanned aircraft in industry will mean approved drone pilots will be in high demand.

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The home of several high tech businesses in the aviation sector, including BAE Systems, drone technology could bring thousands of new jobs to Lancashire. Changes in legislation are emerging that will mean tighter controls on the use of drones by recreational flyers but more flexibility for experienced, professional drone pilots.

Drone hire in Lancashire today is popular for aerial photography, roof inspections and building and surveying work. Anyone offering these services must be a CAA approved drone pilot or face prosecution. When you enquire about drone hire in Lancashire it’s essential that you check a pilot carries a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) from the CAA and has adequate insurance in place.

The Lancashire Enterprise Zone is a possible centre for the UK’s emerging drone industry over the coming years. As well as the design and manufacture of unmanned aircraft, there will be demand for related software, artificial intelligence and qualified drone pilots. At the moment China is the world leader in drone technology, but the UK’s government is embracing the potential in this exciting sector.

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