Where would you begin to search if you needed drone hire in Huntingdonshire? There are thousands of people who offer drone services in the UK now, but not all of them operate safely or legally. If you need to hire a drone operator for commercial purposes, it’s important that you don’t hire a cowboy.

There’s no such thing as a drone licence in the UK, but anyone using one for reward or profit must be approved to do so by the Civil Aviation Authority. This ensures that safety standards are maintained and that the public, property and manned aircraft aren’t put at risk. CAA drone approval comes in the form of a PFCO, or Permission to Fly Commercial Operations. It’s not difficult to obtain a PFCO, but it carries high levels of responsibility and shouldn’t be treated as a tick box exercise.

For drone hire in Huntingdonshire and other regions of the UK, check that the operator has a valid PFCO. The approval has to be renewed annually, and the CAA can take it away at any time if they discover that a pilot is breaking the rules or obligations he agrees to follow.

Drone Safe Register was set up to increase safe use of drones and encourage businesses to hire safe and law abiding commercial operators. They offer a free to use member database so you can search for drone hire in Huntingdonshire in a matter of minutes. Drone Safe Register check each member’s CAA approval and insurance, so if you use the search tool HERE you have peace of mind.