A wide variety of businesses are looking for drone hire in Gloucestershire. Use of unmanned aircraft as a replacement for helicopters in aerial photography is now commonplace.

Hiring Drone Pilots in Gloucestershire

Typical reasons for drone hire in Gloucestershire include –

  • Aerial photography. With picturesque scenery in The Cotswold Hills and Forest of Dean it’s not surprising Gloucestershire is a popular destination for landscape photographers. Being able to view, photograph and film the local landscape from the air has an obvious appeal
  • Aerial inspection work. Drones are the ideal tools for checking roofs, chimneys, air condition units and other hard to access places. Rather than wait days for scaffolding to be erected, a drone can be booked and in the air within hours in many cases
  • Insurance inspection work. Loss adjusters and insurance companies are beginning to use drones to check and validate claims. If you’re a policyholder involved in a dispute about a claim, hiring a drone could be the answer. Being able to supply detailed photographs of your roof to show evidence of damage after a storm could speed up a claim settlement and ensure you get paid the full amount due

If you decide that drone hire in Gloucestershire could help your business, make sure you book a pilot who is authorised to carry out commercial work. Ask to see evidence that they have a PFCO (Permission to Fly Commercial Operations) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Without it, the pilot is working illegally.

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