With it’s sandy beaches and beautiful countryside it’s no wonder that Cornwall is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK. Surveys by Cornish Countryside, The National Trust and the Forestry Commission all indicate that visitor numbers have steadily increased since 2014, and this looks set to continue. Not surprisingly, interest in drone hire in Cornwall is also increasing.

Hiring a Drone Pilot in Cornwall

If you’re looking to enjoy some fun flying on Cornwall’s beaches, a basic toy model may be all you need. It won’t fly far or for long with limited battery life, but as a taster of what it’s like to control a drone it’s a great option. The recently launched DJI Tello would be an ideal option. Bear in mind that small drones won’t fly in anything stronger than a light breeze, and don’t be tempted to fly too far out to sea!

Even if operating a small drone for fun, it’s important to fly responsibly and consider the safety and privacy of others. Don’t fly over people, and check the battery is charged and that the aircraft is airworthy before taking off. Avoid dog walkers and be aware that some dogs can become very excited and chase drones when they see them!

For more advanced drone hire in Cornwall, consider the services of a Drone Safe Register pilot. As well as having approval to fly commercially from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), a Drone Safe Register pilot will operate to strict safety policies and know the current regulations for use.

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