Drones – also known Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) – are now being used in a wide range of commercial applications. From agriculture to construction, drones use state of the art technology to reduce costs and speed up processes like surveying and inspections. Whatever your needs, Drone Safe Register have pilots available for drone hire in Cambridgeshire and across the UK.

Drone Pilots in Cambridge

Drones have received a lot of bad press in recent months, but 99% of owners in the UK act responsibly and follow guidelines set out by the Civil Aviation Authority. Stories of near misses with manned aircraft are often scaremongering by the press and headlines written to attract attention and sell newspapers. In reality most drones can’t reach the height or speed that would interfere with aircraft, and more advanced models are programmed not to fly in dangerous areas like near airports.

Safety is of course a serious issue with UAS, so if you’re looking at drone hire in Cambridgeshire you should only consider a CAA approved pilot. Drone Safe Register’s database lists over 370 approved drone companies, and we can offer advice and expertise for all types of work including –

  • Roof inspection work. A drone is usually cheaper, less disruptive and quicker to deploy than a cherry picker or scaffolding. The onboard camera can record high definition footage and photographs for detailed assessment of roofs, chimneys and hard to access places
  • Insurance inspection work. Following a storm or flood, a UAS can be a valuable tool for preparing evidence for an insurance claim and can reduce disputes
  • Aerial photography. From property sales to the promotion of golf courses, a drone can produce stunning photographs and video footage from a unique perspective

To discuss drone hire in Cambridgeshire, use the Drone Safe Register website to locate a local expert.

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