If you’re looking for drone hire in Buckinghamshire, you need to understand the safety and legal aspects. Stunning countryside, rolling hills and distinguished country estates make it one of the best counties in the UK for aerial photography, but restrictions on use of drones mean you have to be careful. Much of the land in Buckinghamshire is owned by the National Trust and English Heritage, so you need to do some research and planning before flying an unmanned aircraft.

Drone Pilot Hire Buckinghamshire

Drone Safe Register provides drone hire in Buckinghamshire and across the UK from it’s network of trained, qualified and insured pilots. If you’re interested in aerial work and the services drone pilots can provide, Drone Safe Register is a one stop shop. You can search the database to find operators offering everything from aerial photography to roof inspections for insurance claims.

The rules for recreational and commercial use of drones differ. The weight of the aircraft also determines what you can and can’t do – anything over 7kg is subject to tighter regulations. As well as the safety considerations regulating the use of unmanned aircraft, there are rules to protect privacy rights. Most drones have a camera, and this means you have be very careful about who and what you film and photograph.

If you’re interested in drone hire in Buckinghamshire for a commercial project, such as aerial photographs of a property for sale, you need a pilot with the necessary approval from the CAA. By hiring an approved pilot through the Drone Safe Register website you can be confident that they have the necessary skills, experience and insurance

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