Bristol attracts thousands of visitors every day. The city is famous for its museums and historic attractions like the SS Great Britain, and beautiful parks and monuments. One of it’s most recognisable sights is the Clifton Suspension Bridge, something that can’t be missed if you visit.

Aerial filming in the UK drone pilots

The many attractions and panoramic views have made drone hire in Bristol popular over the past couple of years. As it’s a congested city with busy transport systems, an experienced drone operator is recommended if you want aerial photographs or video footage of the city. The operator will need the Civil Aviation Authority’s ‘PFCO’ (Permission for Commercial Operations) for a drone hire in Bristol job.

It can be frustrating if you own a drone and visit a place like Bristol as there are restrictions on use. These are there for safety of course, and you could land yourself in serious trouble if you ignore them. Launching your drone to take some shots of the Clifton Suspension Bridge has obvious appeal for a keen photographer, but this isn’t recommended unless you follow the rules and work with the relevant authorities.

The CAA’s Drone Code sets out guidelines for safe use. One of the key rules us to stay well away from aircraft, airports and airfields. Bristol has an airport 7 nautical miles to the southwest of the city centre, so a drone operator must consider this when planning a flight. It’s a criminal offence to endanger the safety of an aircraft, and you could go to prison for five years if caught.

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