Overland UAS offer complete aerial media, mapping and surveying solutions using the latest technology. They are, as DSR Members, a Civil Aviation Approved Operator, fully insured and Qualified BUNCs UAS Pilots.

Overland UAS offer a range of services, including mapping agricultural land, photographing private houses, aerial video production and surveying a potential construction site.

Whether you’re an individual or a business, Overland UAS have the skills, technology and experience to help.  Overland UAS use the latest in Unmanned Aerial Systems. Our media production is of the highest quality, and we operate the latest ‘Camera Drones’ filming in 4K and 1080dpi High Definition footage.

Furthermore if you are a UAS company, looking to outsource a portion of aerial work, Overland UAS can be contracted to work for your company for the day, and can do so under your company name. Overland UAS will follow your direction using our UAV’s, our insurance and CAA Approval.

Overland UAS charge clients either a daily or an hourly rate, to suit a range of financial demands.

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