Accountancy giant PWC released a report in May 2018 predicting an exciting future for anyone involved in drone pilot hire. The industry is projected to offer a boost to the UK’s economy of over £42 billion by the year 2030.

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Drones are still regarded as toys and a dangerous nuisance by many, but the PWC report sets out the positive impact unmanned aircraft are having in a broad range of industries. It predicts that over 72,000 drones will be in the UK’s sky by the end of the next decade, and gives specific financial projections that prove the true potential of drone technology.

If you’re interested in drone pilot hire now, Drone Safe Register offers a free to use database of over 380 CAA approved drone pilots. Examples of work they can take on include –

  • Aerial photography with a drone. They are the perfect vehicle for producing aerial video footage and photographs of everything from tourist attractions to properties for sale.
  • Drone roof inspections. Gone are the days you need to hire scaffolding or a cherry picker to reach hard to access places. A drone is cheaper, easier to organise and safer for those involved in a survey or inspection.
  • Construction site surveys. Drones have already been adopted by some construction firms, but the PWC report predicts this sector alone will be worth £3.5 billion by 2030. Combined with artificial intelligence and bespoke software drones are revolutionising the construction industry.
  • Agricultural surveys. The United States is already seeing massive benefits in everything from improving efficiency to controlling disease in farming.
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