Commercial drone inspections have many advantages over traditional methods. Surveying and inspection of a large commercial property or plot of land could take days before the advent of drone technology. As well as time and cost savings, commercial drone inspections are a safer alternative.

Drone aerial photography and filming

Drone aerial photography of commercial construction site

An aerial inspection of a large building is a very effective way of spotting potential problems. For example, wear and tear to tiles or roof covering can be pinpointed and detailed images captured. Scaffolding, ladders and cameras on extendible poles can be used for this type of survey, but drones are a more flexible and efficient solution.

Drones and Roof Inspections

A pilot may manually control his aircraft for smaller commercial drone inspections, but a pre-programmed flight path is often used for larger properties. This enables a drone to follow a specific route and capture data very accurately. Software is then used to process the data into an appropriate format. This could be a series of photographs, schematics and even 3D models.

Drone Safe Register Drone Pilots Safe and Legal UK

If you’re responsible for the maintenance of a commercial property or perhaps considering lease or purchase of one, commercial drone inspections could save you a fortune in repair bills.

To find experience commercial drone pilots for inspection work search the Drone Safe Register database here