If you’re looking to hire a drone pilot in the UK it can be a challenge. Falling prices and the widespread availability of drones has encouraged a sharp rise in illegal operators.

To save time finding CAA approved pilots you can simply click HERE

They may offer cheap drone hire, but you could end up on the wrong side of the law if you use one. A drone pilot with little experience may not fly safely and could put people and property at risk.

For a list of licensed drone pilots, visit the Drone Safe Register website HERE. Drone Safe was set up to encourage safety and good practise in the UK drone industry, and it’s rapidly grown to nearly 400 members. Searching Drone Safe’s list of licensed drone pilots gives you an easy way to find operators across the UK.

To comply with current laws and regulations, all Drone Safe pilots have been through a CAA endorsed training program and taken a practical test of their flying skills. Members are part of a community where they can share experience and ideas and ask each other for help. You can hire a drone pilot for a wide range of work including –

– Aerial inspections. Drones can record high definition video footage and photographs of aerials, masts, roofs and other hard to access structures

– Aerial photography. If you’re selling a property or marketing a leisure resort, views from the aerial are the perfect way to show it off

– Surveys and insurance work. Before the availability of drones, scaffolding and cherry pickers were the only options for high level access

Drone Safe Register’s list of licensed drone pilots is the perfect solution if you’d like to speak to someone about aerial work and obtain a QUOTE