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There are several different reasons for needing a property inspection, and the equipment, process and expertise required can vary. For example, a comprehensive survey by a Chartered Surveyor can be valuable if you are purchasing a property.

This may not go as far as a survey of the roof unless there are signs of problems. A drone property inspection is ideal for checking a specific part of a building, such as the chimney.

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A pilot with experience in the field of drone property inspections will be able to advise you about the best way to carry out the survey you need and whether it will satisfy other parties involved. For example, an insurance Loss Adjuster may ask for a drone roof survey to support a claim for roof damage.

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A drone with a thermal imaging camera is ideal for checking the insulation of a property. The price of a drone property inspection could easily be covered by the savings you’ll make once you identify areas where heat is escaping.

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