Aerial Filming

Drones continue to make the news and with more and more aerial filming, aerial photography and ‘drone-for-hire’ operators flying in under the radar, it’s not always good news!

In an article we wrote, we mentioned that Drone Safe Register is making headway in the campaign to encourage safe and responsible use of drone technology and its increasing use in industry.

But, with all the negative press associated with aerial filming or drone usage, and before we move ever closer to the idea of ‘drone delivery’ – have some overshot the runway?

With aerial filming the possibilities are endless and those difficult to film situations, tight spots or compact spaces you may want to reach, nothing is more advantageous but we misty always ensure we’re operating within the law.

Aerial filming has many advantages and nowadays, people are expecting a lot more from ‘film’ that aerial filming can accommodate.

So, rather to talk negative press about drones – we wanted to address a couple of real advantages of aerial filming.

Aerial filming gets in those tight spot shots

In an ever-changing technological world where, as we said, drone delivery is something that could literally drop out of the sky, filming from the ground seems to be, not always be enough; and while a decent camera will cover most of the viewing area you’ll tend to need, aerial filming or drone usage is able to cover some of the more difficult filming situations.

Aerial filming…what mobility issues?

We mentioned it briefly and we’ll touch on it again – imagine this, you’re in a bit of a tight spot, there’s footage you want to get and your helicopter is just too big (OK, let’s be honest, you probably don’t have one) so you launch your drone…Drones can be utilised in areas where it just isn’t feasible to use a helicopter!

Carbon emissions

Zero carbon emissions for that matter! In a world with an ever-increasing need for climate action, battery powered drones are an environmentally friendly alternative to fixed wing or helicopter aerial filming and, its hassle free!

Hassle-free aerial filming

Aerial filming or drone usage is a hassle-free way of filming incredible footage enabling you to create amazing content. It provides us with the ability of filming on a much larger scale with a far wider reach where the sky is, literally, the limit.


Safety isn’t the least important, but we did want to end the article on this point. An example we wanted to specifically use was aerial filming and drone usage combined with thermal cameras. This form of aerial filming gives rescuers, firefighters and first responders huge advantages. Thermal cameras can be used to check for people or animals and gives rescuers the ability to see through smoke or at night and investigate large stretches of land quickly from safe distances. Not only that, it also helps to pinpoint the source of a fire, enabling crews to fight the ignition.

So, as things begin to advance, aerial filming, photography and drone usage becomes ever more popular please remember, any drone pilot receiving payment for aerial work is legally required to have CAA / IAA permission and valid commercial insurance and that DSR has made the process of finding and hiring a legal drone pilot quick and easy.

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