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New Year to Drone Pilots

DSR Stock

DSR is excited to announce that we now have over 2000 clips available to upload and license.

Launched in early 2017, DSR Stock is a premium aerial stock selling website that can boast – ALL aerial footage has been shot by CAA approved and insured drone pilots.  DSR Stock only invites DSR members to market their stock; meaning that footage buyers have complete peace of mind when loading the legal clips into their edit.  This makes DSR completely unique in the market place.  Currently no other stock site can guarantee that their footage has been shot by a legal drone pilot.  How many other stock sites sell 100 % legally shot aerial footage?

With clip licensing prices starting from as little as £50, DSR Stock is very competitively priced for the creative industries / end user.  Production companies, broadcasters, filmmakers, all manner of creatives can browse footage by postcode or subject. Aerial clips can be instantly purchased / uploaded for a fraction of the price of setting up a dedicated aerial shoot.  No other stock site offers aerial imagery by location / postcode.

Can’t find the clip you are looking for? DSR Stock has an ‘aerial clip request form’ which is sent to ALL members.  In addition, if the ‘footage buyer’ still cannot find the clip they are looking for, the DSR platform has a ‘HIRE’ button that connects the most local member with the ‘footage buyer’.  Once connected, our members can discuss deploying their drone to get the shot required.

DSR charges 0 % in selling fees.  Footage contributors get paid 100% of their clip sales.  This exclusive benefit to all DSR Pro members is a very profitable way of creating an extra income.

Our ‘easy to use’ platform is exclusively available for DSR members to sell their aerial imagery.  We’ve designed the site to enable our members to login, upload their aerial stock and sell their aerial imagery.

We believe that DSR Stock is a ‘WIN-WIN’ for our members and filmmakers alike.  Members get to SELL their aerial imagery for FREE and filmmakers get to LICENSE LEGAL footage from some of the best drone pilots the UK has to offer.

DSR Property Video helps advance safety in our skies…

Back in August 2016 we posted a blog post that discussed a report by YouGov, carried out by law firm Charles Russell Speechlys.  The report highlighted that almosthalf of the UK’s estate agents surveyed felt they were not knowledgeable about the UK’s current laws/rules on drone use.

DSR thought something had to be done!  So, last year, DSR commissioned a professional production company to produce a short marketing video.  The aim was to promote our drone pilot members to the property sector to attempt to advance and encourage safe drone practice in this sector.

View the Video

DSR is proud to say that our ‘Property Marketing Video’ has had over 136,000 views!

As you know, aerial Imagery is fast becoming an invaluable marketing tool for the property sector.  Drones are being deployed all over the country to help sell properties faster.   Certain properties especially lend themselves well to aerial photography. The selling of large country estates, mansions, luxury, rural and commercial properties are good examples of where drones can help clinch a sale.

Our message is simple: If you’re looking to sell your home, consider hiring one of our drone pilot members.  Our professional pilots will help you sell your property faster!

DSR’s Drones for Schools

In early 2017, DSR launched a new initiative called ‘Drones for Schools’.   The aim of this campaign centred around DSR members introducing drones to school children and perhaps inspiring them to become the drone pilots of tomorrow.  The idea stems from the fact that drones in the right hands create lots of benefits both in the workplace and for leisure.

Pro Member Regional Meet-ups

Don’t forget DSR will be organising regional meet ups in various parts of the UK for pro members in 2018.  As soon as the weather improves we aim to kick off the first meet up at Beachy Head, East Sussex.  The plan will be to charter a boat and provide an opportunity for members to capture aerial shots of the outstanding natural area. More details to follow soon.

Commercial Drone Insurance – renewal coming up?  

Remember DSR Pro members receive 5% reduction on their commercial drone insurance, with our insurance partner Coverdrone.  Simply quote your DSR membership number to the Coverdrone team and your discount will be applied to your 2018 quote.