23 08, 2020

Surviving The Drone Industry – The Drone Safe Network

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We’re proud to see members emerging from lockdown stronger and more determined than ever Special offer - A2CofC Training for just £129 follow us on linkedin When Drone Safe Register was launched we had no idea how the industry would develop in the UK. CEO and founder, Mark Boyt, set out to create an organisation to represent the interests of the very best drone pilots and to promote safe and legal use of drones. Four years later DSR is standing strong as [...]

7 08, 2020

Our World has Changed – Remote Working, Video Streaming and Industry Disruption

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As we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, ‘the new world’ has become something of a buzz phrase and even cliché. But what exactly does ‘the new world’ look like? For the foreseeable future it does of course mean social distancing, concerns over health and fears of a second wave and a fragile economy. The decline of high street retail has accelerated, the hospitality and entertainment industries have been hammered and sadly many businesses will never open their doors again. But as always, radical change can also bring new opportunities. Technology industries have [...]