30 11, 2019

Drones For Restricted Access 

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Drones For Restricted Access Maintaining parts of a building where access is restricted can be a challenge. Examples include roofs, chimney stacks, aerials and lift mechanisms. Scaffolding has been one of the only options in the past, but this can be time consuming to organise and expensive to arrange. An emerging alternative is to hire a restricted access aerial photographer. To photograph and record data from buildings of one or two storeys an aerial photographer may use a pole-mounted camera. These devices can typically reach around thirty feet into the air, so can be useful for basic roof inspections of [...]

27 11, 2019

Getting a Fair Deal Thanks to Drone Technology

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Getting a Fair Deal Thanks to Drone Technology Insurance companies don’t always have great reputations. It’s been said that they can be quick to take your money when you’re buying a policy, but slow and reluctant to pay out when you need to make a claim. Fortunately the industry is very well regulated in the UK, and companies do actually try to ‘treat customers fairly’ but that doesn’t always happen. Storm claims can be one of the most contentious. Insurance companies often have a very specific definition of what actually constitutes a ‘storm.’ They will take data from [...]

26 11, 2019

How a Drone Property Photographer Can Help Sell Your Home

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A Drone Photographer Can Help Sell Your Home Faster The UK housing market is in a strange state at the moment. Interest rates are at record lows making borrowing cheaper than ever, but uncertainty over Brexit and future government has made people very nervous. Prices are falling in many areas, and properties are taking longer to sell. So what can you do if you’re stuck without a buyer for your house? There are many ways you can improve the chances of selling your home without spending too much money. Initially it’s about what estate agents call ‘curb appeal.’ [...]

13 11, 2019

Drone Photography For Hotel & Leisure

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Drone Photography For Hotel & Leisure Aerial photography is a great way to showcase a hotel or leisure resort and attract visitors. If a venue is in an attractive setting or has its own gardens and grounds, there’s no better way to view it than from the air. A hotels aerial photographer is now an affordable option thanks to drone technology. A commercial drone operator can produce high-resolution photographs and video footage for marketing literature, social media and website use. Hotels on the coast or in countryside locations are particularly attractive when shot from the air. Here are some important [...]

9 11, 2019

Drones Help Flood Damage Insurance Claims

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As many as one on six properties in England and Wales are at risk of flooding. Climate change is likely to increase the problem over coming years, so Government and local authorities are having to consider what steps to take. Unfortunately, of course, limited budgets and competing demands for resources may limit improvements in flood defences. Surface water flooding happens for a number of reasons. Periods of heavy rainfall can result in saturation of soil and drainage systems simply not being able to cope with volumes. Rivers burst their banks in extreme situations. Melting snow in winter can [...]

8 11, 2019

Drone Safe Register Members Spearhead New UK Drone Registration Scheme

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Hundreds of members have now registered. Drone Safe Register are proud to see that hundreds of our Professional and Amateur members have embraced the CAA’s registration scheme and are signing up in support. There has been something of a backlash within the drone community, but protesting and fuelling debate simply adds costs to the scheme which the whole of the community will be responsible for at a later date. As drones have become more popular and affordable, a registration scheme was inevitable. The tiny minority of irresponsible and unlawful drone pilots have given the rest of us a [...]

6 11, 2019

Drone Operator ID Stickers

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Drone Operator ID Labels, Spec's and Shop link. From the 1st of November 2019 we are pleased to announce our new Drone Operator ID Sticker service. This service is open to all Operators and sent first class delivery. All Professional and Amateur Flyer membership plans will have 2 x Operator ID Stickers included for free at renewal but we have now opened this up to non DSR members to help the UK community become legal by the 30th November 2019. You can order directly from our new SHOP or select a membership plan HERE which will now include ID labels. [...]

5 11, 2019

Aerial photography has become more affordable

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Just because a drone is registered does not mean the operator can use it commercially. Aerial photography has become affordable over the past few years thanks to drone technology. It’s no longer necessary to hire a light aircraft or helicopter to capture images from the sky. As well as being cheaper and easier to arrange, drones can capture images and video in ways that wouldn’t be possible with manned aircraft.  Drones are now used for a wide range of commercial applications. Surveying land for agriculture and construction projects. Data can be recorded and presented in a variety of formats. [...]

4 11, 2019

Event Filming With Drones

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Hiring Drones For Events in the UK Event drone photography is becoming increasingly popular. An aerial perspective is ideal for everything from sporting events to rock concerts. Photographs and video of an event are ideal for marketing via social media and sharing with people who attend and take part. The fact that crowds are likely to gather means that an events aerial photographer has to treat safety as a priority. Flying over crowds is in breach of CAA regulations and can have serious repercussions for a drone operator if he doesn’t follow protocols. It’s critical to check that a [...]

2 11, 2019

My Roof Is Leaking What Should I Do?

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  Roof inspections are required for a number of reasons The process has become far easier, safer and cheaper thanks to drone technology. A roof aerial photographer can produce high quality images and video footage for surveyors and other experts to view and refer back to. Chimney structures, towers, windows and guttering can be checked in a drone roof inspection.  Traditional methods for inspecting roofs and hard to access areas include the use of scaffolding, access platforms, steeplejacks or cherry picker hire. Cameras attached to extending poles are also used for simple inspection work. The advantages of hiring a roofing [...]

1 11, 2019

Solar Panel Maintenance & Inspection

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  The need to shift to renewable energy sources means that use of solar power is increasing. In the right location, solar panels are a simple and cost-effective way to generate electricity. Some homeowners are now installing solar panels to generate their own power, and the UK Government has a number of solar power stations planned. Solar panels are heavily exposed to the weather, and this means they require regular inspection and maintenance. A solar panel aerial photographer is the ideal solution for this. Using drone technology, visual and thermographic images can be captured without the need for physically accessing [...]