28 02, 2018

How freezing weather affects drone operators

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The beast from the east has brought the stark reminder that the effects of climate change are in fact a tangible and real thing. The weather does affect drone operation. Temperatures this week dropped below -5 in Bristol, and -3 in London, meanwhile a balmy -10 in Liverpool. With all the snow in the air and on the ground, this may have meant that DSR pilots may have struggled to get their aircrafts flying in the air safely. Here’s how freezing weather affects drones (and their pilots!) Pilots fingers get cold fast, drone pilots like to [...]

23 02, 2018

Drone Inspection Network – UK’s Largest Provider

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Drones have become a valuable tool in the construction, insurance and energy industries. As well as being used for surveying and planning, they have revolutionised the way inspections of hard to reach places are carried out. Forget about helicopters, scaffolding and ladders – a drone can be in the air within minutes and capture high resolution photographs and video footage. A drone inspection in the UK costs from around £300, and this is a huge cost saving over other methods. It can also be safer if carried out by a qualified, CAA approved drone pilot – [...]

22 02, 2018

Instant Drone Hire Quotes – Hire Commercial Drone Pilots

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A handy guide to get the most out of the DSR Instant Quote. Instant quote is easily accessible at the top of every Drone Safe Register webpage. Consider bookmarking it for quick and easy access! Obviously, we need to know who we are talking to! It's important we know who pilots are talking to as in larger organisations, pilots calling in could be mistaken for cold callers or telemarketers. Date Required Putting the soonest date you need the service carrying out is best; our pilots need time to plan flights and ensure that all the legal tick-boxes are complete. In [...]

19 02, 2018

The UK economy is starting to take drone tech very seriously

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The best uses of drones are those that everyone can benefit from, and the UK economy is starting to take drone tech really seriously – movers and shakers in a range of industries are seeing the benefits of Drones ever more each day. Gone are the days when the benefits need demonstration – now we have a wealth of knowledge, a rapidly growing industry and plenty of experience across the DSR network. If you don’t know who your local pilot is, make contact and find out what they can do for your business – a ‘flying [...]

16 02, 2018

Drone Survey Costs 2020

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How much will a Drone Survey Cost? A common question asked is, how much will a drone survey cost me? This article will break down the costs associated with commissioning a drone survey and clear up some common misconceptions about hiring a drone operator to complete aerial inspection and survey requests. Drones are revolutionising the way surveys are carried out. They are used in everything from town planning and major construction projects down to individual roof inspections of a single property. The advantages of a drone survey include – Aerial views can take in the [...]

16 02, 2018

How much does drone photography cost?

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Aerial pictures from a drone are fantastic for properties, hotels, golf clubs and many other subjects. The view from above gives a unique perspective and can look spectacular. But how much does drone photography cost? There are really two answers to this question, and it depends on whether you want to use a safe, legal, professional or take a chance with a cowboy operator. A hobbyist who decides to make some cash on the side with his drone may be willing to take some drone shots for as little as £50-£100, but you should think very carefully before hiring [...]

14 02, 2018

Hiring a Drone Wedding Photographer

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If you’re planning a wedding, you may be wondering if you should hire a drone wedding photographer? Some wedding photographers are starting to use drones, but most prefer to concentrate on their traditional work. If a photographer does offer to take some drone shots of your wedding, it’s essential that you check they have approval from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and that they have the correct insurance cover. At Drone Safe Register, we have a national network of CAA approved drone pilots, and we can supply a professional to cover your wedding. Hiring someone without [...]

4 02, 2018

The largest selection of UK CAA approved drone operators

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The largest selection of Drone Operators Who is your local CAA approved Drone operator? Drones are helping businesses save time, money and operate safer in the workplace. Search our drone directory now More properties will be inspected in 2020.  More homes will be marketed using drones, acres of land will be mapped and surveyed. We'll also see more drones pushing the creative boundaries on our TV screens. The benefits that drones are already bringing to UK businesses is staggering. Drone usage is expanding into new [...]

4 02, 2018

Drone Safe Register – The UK’s leading drone hire website newsletter

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DRONE SAFE REGISTER™ This week Drone Safe Register™ (DSR) updates on the following news... Message from DSR founder Mark Boyt  DSR hires new director of safety DSR's new website launching soon  Changes to membership fees DSR's 'Keep it legal in 2018' videos launched DSR's Insurance partnership DSR's Training partnership DSR's Pro Membership benefits listed New DSR member resources released Message from Mark It’s been a very busy two years for Drone Safe Register™ (DSR).  In that time, we have grown to be the UK’s largest, professional network of CAA approved commercial drone operators.  The commercial drone industry is still in [...]