23 01, 2018

Per Day Drone Insurance From Coverdrone.

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A 12-month drone insurance policy doesn’t suit every commercial UAV operator. That’s why Coverdrone has introduced a flexible “per-day” option that enables less frequent flyers to purchase cover for between one and seven days. To use this new feature, users will be asked to register when they access the Coverdrone system for the first time. This will allow them to log on at any time in the future to enjoy the benefits that the UK’s largest insurer of drones can offer. The new per-day features are perfect for occasional operators. Covering a minimum 24-hour period, users [...]

22 01, 2018


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DRONE SAFE REGISTER™ DRONE DIRECTORY WARNING Beware of 'drone directories & Drone Networks that don't do their checks..... Almost each month we see a new drone directory pop up. Sadly, it has become evident that many drone directory websites are not doing their commercial drone pilot checks thoroughly. On closer inspection, it is evident that many drone directories have pilots listed with out of date, invalid paperwork or non-existent paperwork checks. You can obtain instant drone hire quotations HERE Why is this important?  When it comes to aviation safety - cutting corners is unsafe and unacceptable.  The UK's aviation safety [...]

8 01, 2018

DSR Nationwide Aerial Roof Inspections Services

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One of the fastest changing industries is the UK’s construction sector.  Drones are disrupting the construction industry by replacing traditional building surveying methods. According to a report by law firm Charles Russell Speechlys – over half of construction business decision makers say drone technology is either already in use in their industry, or will be in the future. This shift is happening as more and more companies realise the capabilities and the value of drones to their business. Drones reduce costs, save time and improve safety in the workplace. Walsall Housing Group (WHG), a Midland’s housing association, claims using drones saves their business around £20,000 [...]

8 01, 2018

Becoming a commercial drone pilot in 2020

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Drone Safe Register™ (DSR) is the nation’s leading drone hire website. All our members have been pre-checked for CAA approval and commercial drone insurance. Our drone hire directory and digital map displays the profiles of hundreds of legal drone pilots in all parts of the UK.  DSR is the ‘go-to’ place to locate an approved drone pilot. Drone Safe Register™ (DSR) gets asked a lot, how can I become a commercial drone pilot and join DSR? So with that in mind we have created this blog to help signpost the route for anybody just starting [...]

3 01, 2018

A Happy New Year to all our DSR Pro Members

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DSR is trusted by councils, independent businesses, production companies, schools, insurance sector and more.  Each week DSR publishes a weekly news blog to keep our members and the wider drone community up to date with industry related news. DSR Stock DSR is excited to announce that we now have over 2000 clips available to upload and license. Launched in early 2017, DSR Stock is a premium aerial stock selling website that can boast – ALL aerial footage has been shot by CAA approved and insured drone pilots.  DSR Stock only invites DSR members to market their stock; meaning that footage buyers [...]