29 04, 2016

Demolition Drone Hire

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Hiring a drone to capture tearing down buildings either manually or mechanically is the new way to showcase the demolition procedure.  It can take weeks of careful planning leading up to the main event which can be over in a matter of seconds. From small buildings to high-rise buildings Drone Safe Register has pilots on hand to help you. Working with a qualified drone operator is a fantastic way to capture the event in style.  Our pilots are happy to meet you to discuss demolition plans and work with your safety team, ensuring our pilots are safety in the [...]

28 04, 2016

Music Video Drone Hire

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Drone For Music Video Drones are being used more and more for music videos and Drone Safe Register has nationwide UK pilots for hire. You can obtain instant drone hire quotations HERE All of our members are CAA approved for aerial work and carry correct commercial insurance. Location is key and our members are very easy to find using our digital map. Simply visit our homepage and search by location required. Our members are happy to obtain permissions in advance and we have pilots ready to help you. From a full days hire to one simple clip, our professional members are [...]

20 04, 2016

Member Landing Pad Discount

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Drone Safe Register has today partnered with www.UAV.graphics to supply DSR registered members bespoke landing pads. The pads are of a very high quality, available in different sizes and will include members name and pilot/craft id number.  All Drone Safe Register members now receive 10% off all UAV Graphic landing pads.

19 04, 2016

UAV Registration Program From Drone Safe Register.

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Launched today, 19th April 2016, Drone Safe Register is introducing a further facility for members, the option to register their Drones as part of DSR’s annual membership plan. We are proudly the first UK UAV organisation to launch this new and much needed aircraft registration program for our members.  There will be some similarities of the DSR register to the regulations introduced by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) in the USA, earlier this year.  All Drone Safe Register pilots can now register their aircrafts from 1st May 2016. This register will provide huge benefits [...]

17 04, 2016

Drone Strikes Plane At Heathrow Airport

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An investigation is under way after a small aircraft believed to be a drone hit the front of a plane landing at Heathrow airport today. The report was made to Heathrow Airport police at 1 pm today from a British Airways flight landing from Geneva Europe.  The flight landed safely at the new Heathrow Terminal 5 building.  Inquiries believed a drone struck the front of the plane as it was landing at the airport.  No arrests have been made and enquiries are continuing.  This is now the second drone related incident within a week and it is very clear much more needs to [...]

14 04, 2016

Illegal London Drone Footage Complaints

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See London from above including Piccadilly Circus and Buckingham Place like never before. But, sadly this drone pilot is now in serious trouble. The UK CAA have received a huge number of complaints and the London Metropolitan Police have been informed. The video was removed quickly by the poster but many have downloaded and forwarded to the relevant authorities.  The UK drone community took to social media yesterday expressing just how dangerous this footage actually is. All drone pilots must have permission to take off from the land owner, keep 150 metres from 1000 persons or more and fly at a [...]

7 04, 2016

Hidden Britain by Drone

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We love seeing drone footage, without doubt the pilots flying in this new series are true professionals, fully insured and have CAA permission for aerial work.  Our Drone Safe registered operators can’t wait for this exciting new series to air this Sunday 10th April 2016. Presented by Sir Tony Robinson and using drones to reveal Britain’s hidden places for the first time ever by drone. From billionaires’ private estates to forbidden military zones, this will be a must watch for everyone. With all the mixed emotions in the national press regarding the use of drones, we can’t wait [...]

6 04, 2016

Drone Companies for Aerial Filming

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Aerial filming carried out by Drone Safe Register approved members really is very easy to arrange. Firstly, all of our pilots are correctly insured and carry valid CAA permission for aerial work. We know this because DSR check all members documents before joining.  All of our approved pilots can be very easily found using our digital map and all DSR members are issued yearly pilot cards which they will carry to each job and can be easily verified.  We are proud to have some of the very best UAV drone pilots as member’s and our community of professionals [...]

2 04, 2016

Drone Filming – Drone Magazine

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Although only founded six months ago, the UK-based Drone Safe Register has already seen a promotional push to raise interest and promote awareness of drone-related companies reach more than a million people – with the latest count standing at 1.4 million before we went to print – with ambitions to reach out to 4 million people by the end of the year. Drone Safe Register was launched last year, setting up a national, searchable database of pilots who were not only qualified but also fully insured and available for hire. According to its founder, Mark Boyt (a trained pilot himself), the idea came about after he [...]