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TrueView Drone Services are a UK based commercial drone services company providing UAV services across the built environment industry ranging from topographical surveys, building surveying and inspections, thermal imaging data, photography and videography as well as professional post production editing for any video services.

We come with a combination of 22 years' experience in construction, TV production and aviation allowing us to best service not only technical / date requirements of our clients but also any media requirements too along with a strong understanding and track record in safety.

At TrueView, we also work across the UK and the Republic of Ireland with construction contractors & consultancies, commercial & residential estate agencies, venues and many others with an interest in the built environment. For us, safety and quality are at the forefront of any project we undertake.

Site Progress Monitoring

Thermal Inspections

Roof Inspections

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Mike Rozier - 05-10-2021

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