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Tribes Drone Services offers a friendly and professional approach to all their clients and specialise in the following areas of the drone world; roof inspections, real estate imagery and videography, and development/construction images/videography. 

First of all, we carry out roof inspections for both residential and commercial buildings ensuring a high level of detail is highlighted in our written reports, which are issued along with footage of the roof and photos. This is a cost effective method of inspecting the roof due to the fact that you do not need to pay for access equipment, and it also negates any health and safety risk. Once the report is sent over you can have it reviewed and signed off by your surveyor. A number of clients may find this useful; homeowner may want to investigate a roof leak; managing agent may want to formulate a planned preventative maintenance schedule for the coming years; insurers may offer a discount on your buildings insurance policy if you have your flat roof inspected annually, and much more!

Secondly, we assist estate agents with the marketing of their properties. Drone images/videography of a property can elevate its appeal to potential clients in what is already a very competitive market. By adding drone images will immediately mean you captivate your audience leading to increased enquiries and higher probability of selling it – Who does not like drone footage/images!

Lastly, we work with developers and construction companies through various stages of a development. We can take images of land to assist with the planning stages, where our images are used to CGI the proposed development on, allowing the planners to fully understand the proposal. We can take construction progress images from start to finish; this allows you to easily update your superiors, investors, and clients on progress without them needing to leave the office. Lastly, we can take the final images of the build for marketing purposes.

We are A2 CofC qualified, fully insured, and have many years’ experience operating drones. We currently have a couple of DJI drones in our fleet that can provide UHD 5.4k video and high resolution images.

Roof Inspections

Construction Images

Real Estate

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